hello, I am Yixing.

Currently the designer from Tmall Genie team at Alibaba, and also the translator of ‘Designing Voice User Interfaces’. I focus on the fields of interaction design, smart hardware design, and industrial design, aiming to improve the experience of daily products/services and future products. I’m passionate about the cultural thinking behind design and technology and is willing to contribute to design that serves humanity.


As the core designer in Tmall Genie project and the project lead of several products.

  • Entertainment Domain Specific Skills
  • Tmall Genie TV Assistant
  • Specific Skills for Kids
  • The LUI(light user interface)for Kids
天猫精灵方糖R Starbucks 定制版
  • Starbucks Specific Skills
  • Hotel Specific Skills
天猫精灵CC (7-inch Smart Screen with android)
天猫精灵 Genie Mobile Accessory kit

The Tmall Genie Mobile Accessory (GMA) Kit allows any Bluetooth-capable device manufacturer to enable Tmall Genie through a Bluetooth connection. With the GMA Kit, Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, speakers, and wearable audio devices become Tmall Genie endpoints by connecting directly with the Tmall Genie app on  iOS & Android devices.


  • GMA UX Design Guideline
  • GMA Specific Skills
  • GMA Kit audio UX & Devices Control Interactions
  • GMA Kit Setup Flow
天猫精灵 IN糖 & IN 糖2

the intelligent emotional system for Tmall Genie

天猫精灵CC MINI (4-inch Smart Screen with AliOS)


Assigned to the lazada project as the leader of the product platform design consultant

Lazada Merchant platform
Lazada Seller App
Lazada Seller Center


Design leader of the Taobao & Tmall Commodity platform

Taobao  & Tmall Commodity management platform
Merchant Testing Platform
Commodity Testing Platform


As a interaction designer at Netease

Qian app of Netease
NetEase Enterprise Mail